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Amble™️ by AwazeLabs

Amble™️ by AwazeLabs

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✅ Stay aware of your surroundings on your runs.
✅ Water and sweat proof.
✅ Designed to fit perfectly on your ear all day.
✅ 6 Month Warranty.

All specs are the same for the PRO Y, and PRO Y².

Experience a new world with our Pain-free, Cable-free, Water-proof Amble™ earbuds.

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Exquisite sounds created by vibrations 🔊

The Amble™️ & Amble PRO uses the newest and most innovative bone conduction technology. Developed by AwazeLabs to bring you the best audio quality of any earphones on the market.

  • Adjusts performance based on environment

    Crowded RF environments are no longer a problem. Wherever you are, enjoy the same high-quality sound.

  • Low-latency mode

    Designed to support video and gaming, aptX Adaptive delivers a fully immersive experience.

  • Dynamic auto-adjust

    Adjusts to what’s playing on your device, be that videos, music or gaming to help eliminate connectivity issues

  • High Quality Audio

    No user control or configuration needed – a robust and consistently premium experience.

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Take them in the water 🌊

With a IP68 rating, the X15 Pro can be worn in the shower and while doing water sports.

Showers and water activities have never been more enjoyable.

Designed for comfort.


Being aware of your surroundings while running, cycling is a must. Amble™️ allows you to be aware of hazards without sacraficing sounds quality.


Weighing only 4.1g per ear, the Amble™ sits perfectly on ears of all sizes. You won't even feel it's there!

Questions? We Got You Covered


Is this bone-conduction technology?
No, the X15 Pro uses the newest spatial audio technology, Bone Conduction earphones are known to have very bad quality audio.

How does the earbuds feel on the ear? Do they fall off easily?
Nope, these earbuds are made to stay securely on the outside of your ear, so they won't come off easily. Because of they're lightweight design, there is NO uncomfort caused by prolonged usage.

What if I want to use one earbud only?
Yes! You can use our earbuds one ear at a time, each earbud is individually equipped with AWZE Bluetooth 5.3 Chip, so they will function on their own similar to other popular earphones such as the AirPods.

Do they connect to iPhone and Android?
Yes! the X15 Pro™ can connect to any device with Bluetooth capabilities.